Web Redesign | The 6-Step Process To Elevate Your Brand Outlook

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  • May 09, 2024

Maintaining a modern website is not an option but an essential part of businesses to keep the audience engaged with the brand. The latest survey on customer satisfaction with web user experience has a strong impact. Almost 81% of individuals think less of the brand if the site is outdated; the survey was conducted between the age group of 18-60, who are likely to use online websites for shopping and business purposes. Furthermore, the survey elaborated that 39% of respondents think twice before using or buying the service if the site doesn’t align with the current updates. Improving online appearance is more than a makeover and requires a proper website redesign process.

Website Redesign – Outline the Aspects

Website Redesign refers to updating and enhancing site features, making it appealing for the viewers. The whole method includes designing, functionalising, and improving content that enhances visuals and the interface experience. Website Design includes different aspects, including:

  • Layouts
  • Color combination
  • Images 
  • Navigation bars
  • Content visuals

Whilst dealing with redesign scenarios, web developers reassess and reconstruct the existing content and appearance, making it the optimal site for better performance rate and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results. Simply, it’s a comprehensive procedure for improving website outlook and user experience by enhancing its visuals and responsiveness.

Top 5 Interesting Facts and Stats on How Users View Websites

  1. On average, 28% of people read the text often in the F-shaped pattern.
  2. Creating introductory paragraphs in boldface is expected to be viewed by 95% of the audience. 
  3. The left side of the page gets more attention as 80% of users spend viewing that side of the website.
  4. Embedding clear visuals and high-quality images attracts search engines and users. 
  5. Users spent a maximum view time on the logo of about 6.48 seconds compared to the navigation bar, search box, or site’s main image.

Quick Contrast Over Website Redesign Vs. Website Refresh

The two approaches may look similar, but they hold two different properties because of distinct levels of changes and intentions. Therefore, the scope of variations separates the concept of website redesign from website refreshing. Let’s explore the three prime differences addressed below: 

Website RefreshWebsite Redesign
Site refresh involves minor adjustments and modifications in appearance or content without altering the proper functionality.Website redesign involves significant structure, functionality, and page layout changes.
It cleans up the website, providing it with a fresh new look.It rebrands the website whilst updating fundamental issues.
Website refreshing is less time-intensive due to a few changes.It requires more time and resources compared to refreshing. 


In-Depth Look at Web Design Agencies and Their Offering

Website design agency follows a structured procedure where projects are developed according to business nature. These companies offer a wide range of services focusing on deliverables and a proper development strategy.  They aim to give customers a premium experience and a spectrum of design interfaces. Website design companies are mainly responsible for the site’s display on the Internet as they work on the appearance, blueprints, and content in some cases. Let’s shed light on some of the prime services offered by web design agencies:

1. Enhance UI/UX

One of the most crucial factors of website design is its user interface and experience, as it reflects the overall response and the site’s usability features. Website design company provides improved UI/UX redesigning services, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience for its users.

2. Improve SEO

Website design companies apply SEO best practices and content optimization strategies to enhance the site’s organic traffic and speed. They provide solutions that improve metadata and the site’s visibility on search engines, reaching broader audiences. Redesigning a website according to Google’s requirements helps the brand to enhance its overall presence on digital platforms.

3. Update Business Goal

Website design company offers consultations and proper guidance on the brand’s growth regarding its targets and market trends. Redesigning sites with proper strategies guarantees business objective alignment and audience preferences.

4. Refresh Outdated Designs

Outdated designs are one of the reasons that affect the brand’s reputation whilst giving the impression of unprofessionalism, which ultimately leads to reduced user engagement. However, website design companies have the best solutions to modernize outdated blueprints and appearances that reflect the brand’s updations with current trends.

5. Optimise Mobile Responsiveness

The total number of app downloads recorded in 2023 reached 257 billion. However, with the increase in the usage of mobiles and applications, the adoption of seamless responsiveness on customized devices becomes mandatory. Companies offer to redesign non-mobile-friendly applications by implementing mobile-first web design, ensuring better user accessibility.

Examine the 6-Step Website Redesign Process

Website Redesign Process in 6 step

Currently, there are 1.09 billion websites worldwide, of which 82% are inactive and the remaining 18% are active. Dive into the quick six-step website redesign process and explore how companies plan and complete projects to enhance their visibility.

1. Assess Ongoing Performance

In the initial phase of a website redesign, companies assess the ongoing performance of the site whilst outlining the metrics and user feedback. Furthermore, they evaluate the stakeholder’s goals and objectives to establish a prototype that enhances user experience and boosts conversions.

2. Outline Redesign Targets

After auditing the website’s current features, the next step is to define the site’s layout and aspects that align with outlining the technical performance areas that require improvements. This phase includes prioritising the redesigning models whilst addressing the challenges and search engine optimisation approaches. 

3. Develop User Persona

Comprehend the visitor’s needs and establish a rough persona that defines the demographics and behavioral patterns depending on the market research and customer feedback.

4. Establish Development Strategy

Creating a development strategy that aligns with business goals and emphasises accomplishing objectives is the main outline of this phase. Companies prioritise and concentrate on crucial areas to provide the best results in a website redesign.

5. Design, Develop and Optimise

Once the plan is created and the research is completed, the next step is designing, coding, and optimising the website development procedure. This involves refreshing website content, layouts, features, and functionality whilst enhancing mobile responsiveness.

6. QA, Launch, and Maintain

Testing, launching, and maintaining the website includes security protocols, data backups, and new updations. This includes optimizing the site’s outlook afterward and ensuring that the website remains effective and efficient with the proposed business goals.

Web Development Jobs – All You Need to Know

Candidates with a computer science background usually find software development careers interesting but are unaware to pursue it. Depending on the industrial training, various opportunities are waiting ahead. However, some of the most searched web development positions include:

  • Backend Development 
  • Front-end Development and Designing 
  • Full Stack Development
  • Web App Development 
  • UI/UX designing
  • Software Quality Assurance 
  • Project Management 

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Website Redesign Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Usual Cost of Redesigning a Website?

It is difficult to provide the exact number or average cost of a website redesign as it varies according to the requirements; however, the average cost starts at $100 and will increase accordingly.

2. Can I Redesign an Existing Website?

Yes, you can redesign your website by outsourcing website design services. It will help the brand enhance its blueprints and inject a fresh new look that aligns with business objectives.

3. How Long Should a Website Redesign Take?

The time duration of the website redesign procedure depends on the proposed business requirements. However, a standard timeline for redesigning sites may take weeks or months, depending on the project’s extensiveness.