Rapidly Increasing Web App Development Trends to Implement Right Now

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  • Mar 02, 2023

Rapidly Increasing Web APP Development Trends to implement Right Now

Web app development has the potential to rule the IT industry as it has become a need of time. Every organisation worldwide needs a website and a web app for business operations to ensure its market presence and to keep the data in one secure place. There are more than 1.58 billion websites on the internet right now, this enormous figure indicates the significance of having a fully-fledged website that is backed by the latest web app development trends. With more than 5 billion internet users, it is not false to say that a web app will boost business coverage and performance.

Top Web App Development Trends

Various trends are being followed regarding web apps, and some of the most important ones are covered in this blog.


Progressive Web Applications are hybrid apps that work on almost every device and mimic native app-like functions. PWAs are built using modern APIs that enhance their capabilities and reliability. It is a web app that can be installed on a dedicated device with a single codebase. Progressive web apps are increasing in the modern web development landscape and big tech giants are opting for them in their core applications. Pinterest, Flipboard, and Twitter are major examples of progressive web applications. JavaScript and WebAssembly are the main technologies involved in PWA development. The Starbucks PWA has increased the daily active users by 2x.

Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing for web application development, replacing traditional search options. Every new website today comes packed with voice search commands along with text search to push the user experience to a new level. Voice search makes it easy for customers when browsing through the website, for instance, let’s take an example of an e-commerce store, where a user just needs to say, “Show me Jackets for Men.” The voice-search engine automatically transcribes the input and applies the filters for Jackers and Men’s clothing, making the process much quicker. 

Motion UI

The user interface design has become very sophisticated with time. Now users love to see visually moving objects on the website rather than plain images. It is becoming a major web development trend after the flexible UI library allows developers to create stunning UI designs that require minimal effort to implement Motion UI, a Sass library which enables developers to create aesthetically pleasing moving designs with seamless animations and transitions on user interaction. 

Web Development Trends


Web application cybersecurity is critical in 2023 and beyond because online applications are becoming an increasingly vital aspect of modern-day company operations, communication, and personal life. Cyber-attacks’ potential grows as more individuals and organisations rely on web apps for sensitive functions such as online banking, healthcare, and data storage.

Online applications are exposed to various cyber risks such as hacking, phishing, malware, and other sorts of assaults. These attacks can lead to the theft of sensitive data, financial losses, reputational harm, and different undesirable outcomes. To defend online applications from these dangers, cybersecurity solutions such as safe coding methods, encryption, network security, and access control are required.


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is useful for web apps since it provides a framework for developing web pages that load rapidly and deliver a better user experience on mobile devices. Google’s AMP initiative provides a set of rules for generating lightweight, fast-loading web pages that are suited for mobile devices. Online applications that employ AMP can benefit from faster page load times, leading to increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, and higher search engine results. Furthermore, AMP can help minimise the bounce rate of mobile web pages since visitors are likelier to stay on a website that loads quickly and delivers a pleasant user experience.

WordPress Adoption

The popularity of WordPress is increasing with time. The popular CMS (Content management system) powers more than 40% of all websites worldwide. Because of its user-friendly design, customizability, SEO friendliness, security, and integration features, WordPress is a vital tool for modern online projects. Its simplicity and adaptability make it a popular choice for organisations and individuals looking to develop productive and interesting online apps.


Almost every website today has an AI chatbot up its sleeve that either works as a customer support representative or just a user assistant, getting the detail from the user to generate more leads. It is the most rapidly increasing web app development trend that will continue to improve the website’s interaction and performance in the future. These AI chatbots are built using machine learning algorithms that understand and learn user behaviour when chatting with them over time, which helps businesses to update their products based on consumer needs. The number also suggests a major surge in the chatbot market size which was $190 million in 2018. This number is expected to hit the $1.2 billion mark by 2025.

Dark Mode

Which web app today does not have a dark theme? It’s everywhere as it has become a major requirement for users who prefer solid black backgrounds when browsing websites or web applications. Even social media networks have incorporated dark mode due to its heavy demand from the user base. The survey reveals that more than 81.9% of people prefer dark mode. In 2023, this number will increase as many applications have made dark mode a standard design element to allow users a more immersive nighttime viewing experience, especially when browsing from a mobile. 

How Programmers Force Can Help

Web applications have come a long way since the beginning as they are now being used in most organisational operations. The trends covered in this blog indicate that web software is the future of digital applications, overtaking desktop and mobile software by a mile. If you are a business owner looking to revamp your website or web app, do not worry as we are here to help. The Programmers Force has a list of successful web applications delivering quality to various businesses across the globe. Contact us for more guidance on how to implement these web app development trends for your business applications.