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Head of Global Sales

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Company Profile

Programmers Force is a product-driven software company that excels in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning since 2016. The company was founded by a team of visionary entrepreneurs that led its operations under software development, data science, DevOps, system architecture, big data processing, and blockchain-based applications development. We take pride in our diversified workforce with talent from top institutions in UK. Our vision is to create innovative and intelligent business solutions by developing smart web & mobile applications with a mission to support global industries in their day-to-day business challenges. Our specialised teams possess tacit knowledge of high-tech systems, enabling us to tap businesses from more than 200 countries worldwide

We currently have a diverse workforce of over 800+ employees working on 7+ Projects in 5+ countries worldwide. We’re a conglomerate with over 20 functional organisations in various industries and are one of the largest firms that foster a culture of creating entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning for us! We’re on the lookout for talented & passionate individuals to join our team and grow with the Programmers Force family. Feel free to visit our website & social to view & apply for any positions you might be a fit for!

Job Description

Programmers Force is looking for Head of Global Corporate Sales for our products aimed at the Saas/ Fintech Industry.
This key-role in the organisation shall be responsible for sales & marketing forecasting, business development & outreach, economic & geo-political business analysis, market research & feasibility, and accordingly working on the business expansion processes. Our Head of Global Sales would help the organisational stakeholders understand areas of opportunity, potential threats, and environmental sensitivity linked to the global market, all of which could affect business processes. The ideal candidate will have worked 7-10 years in a Head of Sales role in the SaaS/ Fintech industry, and will have hands-on experience of business expansion, and team development & management.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Taking up the role of Team Lead Sales for all the Sales Teams based in each region. This would include all aspects of sales and would comprise various sales teams, working on modules such as Outbound Sales, Inbound Sales, and Business Development.
  • Has extensive knowledge of top-notch & widely used CRM Systems & Digital Marketing tools that generate substantial SQL and MQLs for business development. Will be responsible to implement innovative digital marketing solutions at all levels of the sales funnel, monitor & maintain their effective usage.
  • Develop and Implement the SOPs for effective sales protocols for all cadres of the Sales Departments globally, and ensure that similar standards of sales protocols are followed in every region & with every client.
  • To act as Business Analyst for all units of the Sales Department, and draw extensive forecasting & statistical data reports for the stakeholders to help them understand trends in sales & required changes in sales strategies for future optimization.
  • Draw up and devise routine strategic plans as to how the sales in the coming month/ quarter will take place, what should be the ideal targets, and how these targets will be effectively achieved.
  • Coordinate with various departments such as Marketing, Business Analytics & Human Resources in order to effectively gain all required information & execute all the business operations that come with sales.
  • Have extensive & useful public relations, business relations, and corporate connections that can help the organisation build good sales channel pipelines with all external partners & customers.
  • Being the link between the customers & tech teams. Understanding the requirements of the customers, what problems they are facing, identifying the gap between change in customer demands & working of the tech teams, and covering this gap by acting as a liaison for the tech teams in keeping the products market-competitive & adaptive to changing trends.
  • Conducting routine and rigorous data analytics to proactively understand the requirements of the customers, how they are expected to change in lieu of forecast data, and what proactive strategic changes in terms of product, workforce, and sales strategies will have to be made to stay on top of the market.
  • Hiring and retaining extensive sales teams with the help of human resources, and devising a plan to ensure their effective training & development for each sales process module, and renewing the training material and information as market trends & company requirements change.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Business Management, Administration, Economics, or 16 years of relevant education
  • 7-10 years of experience working in the SaaS/Fintech Industry at a Head of Sales role, catering to the B2B and B2G market
  • Is fluent in and has expert command over English Language

About the Role:

  • Nature of Employment: Full-Time
  • Nature of Job: Can be remote but candidates willing to work from the UK office are preferred
  • Salary Bracket: Upwards of 4000 USD/ Month) with added benefits attached to sales targets
  • Candidates will be required to travel as a part of their job role. Any and all corporate trips will be company sponsored.

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